About Us

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Looking to learn to sail or pursue a career in sailing? International Yacht Training Worldwide operates more boating and sailing courses with more Government approvals through more sailing schools, in more countries and in more languages than any other boating or sailing organisation in the world. Nautica is certified IYT partnerscool located in Latvia. We are the first IYT school in Baltic states.

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International yacht training was started in 2002 with a view of standardising yacht training across the globe and offering the training in a modular format that could be taken in any of our partner schools anywhere in the world. To date, IYT have 92 partner schools in 34 countries and our courses are available in 6 different languages.

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No other organisation offers such a diverse range of nautical training or is as internationally accepted as IYT Worldwide. IYT professional yachting courses are recognised by 25 different Governments worldwide for commercial use including the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), and our commitment to standards of excellence, hands on practical training and quality instruction have made IYT Worldwide the world’s number one choice for nautical training.

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